about nimble

Nimble Design Group is an internet media studio based in Rochester, NY.
We specialize in display advertising, front- and back-end website
development, and motion graphics for both flash and video.

We like to keep things simple. We’re on a first-name basis
with all of our clients, and love nothing better than to
do our business over an ice-cold beer and
finalize it with a handshake.

Keeping things simple has other benefits, too. Our project
turnaround time is ridiculously fast, our overhead is low,
and our flexibility is second-to-none. That’s why
we call ourselves nimble, and we think you’ll agree.

our work

We've had the good fortune of working with a variety of clients over the past several years,
and have some wonderful work to show for it as a result. We've chosen some of our
favorite pieces to share with you below. Enjoy!

Website Development

Brand Cool

A mobile-friendly drupal website developed for Brand Cool, a marketing agency based in Rochester, NY.

NYSERDA Profiling Tool

A lead-generating microsite developed for NYSERDA, a state organization promoting investment in green building technologies.

Roughneck Lodging

Developed for Roughneck Lodging to promote their modular lodging solutions for the oil and gas industry.


Veramark Homepage
Lead generation site developed for Veramark, a telecom expense management service based in Rochester, NY.

Eco-Rental Solutions

Drupal-based e-commerce website for an environmental equipment rental company in Rochester, NY

R.D. Specialties

Brochure-style website for a coating rod manufacturing company based in Webster, NY

Motion Graphics

Valvoline CRM Promo

A quick introductory promotional animation developed for a Valvoline presentation to their franchise owners about new CRM tools available to them.

Catalyst, Inc. Promo

Animation developed for Catalyst, Inc. of Rochester, NY as a part of a new business acquisition campaign.

Nikon 1 Brochure

Animation developed for Jay Advertising in Penfield, NY to highlight a printed gatefold brochure they developed for Nikon USA.

Flash Animation

First Niagara Loans

A banner ad developed for First Niagara bank to help promote their commercial loans during the height of the debt crisis.

Nikon Point & Shoot

Promotional banner developed for Jay Advertising and Nikon USA highlighting weekly sales at Nikon retailers nationwide.

ESL Homepage Banner

An Illustration-driven animation developed for ESL Federal Credit Union’s homepage as a part of their membership campaign.

ESL Owners’ Dividend

A fun, type- and illustration-driven animation built to promote a membership campaign for ESL Federal Credit Union and Roberts Communications.

5-2-1-0 Banner

A banner created for the “Be a Healthy Hero” campaign for the Greater Rochester Health Foundation and Roberts Communications, Inc.

AAA Membership

An illustration-driven banner developed alongside Jay Advertising as a part of a larger membership campaign for AAA of Western & Central NY.

AAA Cruises

An illustration-driven promotional banner developed for Jay Advertising and AAA of Western and Central NY as a part of a larger membership campaign.


Got a project you’d like to run by us? Feel free to get in touch.

You can reach us by phone anytime between
9am and 5pm EST at 585 / 298 0880
or by email 24/7 at contact@nimbledg.com

Hope to talk to you soon!